Carbon Fiber Insoles

What are Carbon Fiber Inserts?

The Estcarbon rigid carbon fibre insert is a perfect solution for common foot
injuries such as toe fractures, turf toe, metatarsal fractures, Lis franc
injuries, Jones fracture, stress fractures, mid-foot sprains and post-op foot
surgeries that require a rigid supported insole. They can be used also for
Mortons toe, Hallux Limitus, Hallux Rigidus and Arthritis pain.

Our insert allows you to wear normal shoes after injuries or surgical
procedures making your shoe more rigid. The insert is fitting for either the
right of left shoe just by flipping it over. Carbon inserts are also known as
carbon fiber plates or foot plates.

Compared to steel plates carbon fiber inserts are a 3-4 times lighter and
they are not damaging shoes or rusting like spring steel plates do.
The carbon fiber insert is placed underneath the sole or the sock liner.
The carbon inserts are primarily used by injured athletes. They allow
athletes to play by providing support to injured foot.

Erismet carbon insoles can be used in case of Arthrtis pain to reduce the
flexibility of the shoe. They also can be benefitial for Ideopathic Toe
Walking or walking on tip toes by stabilizing the foot.

Carbon insole is not made for a shoe with a heel. Compared to the Morton
plate carbon insert is wider and supports all of your toes.

Carbon fiber inserts are currently being used by professional athletes in the

Doctors, Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Physicians, Podiatrists,
Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers and Physical therapists recommend them
to their patients all over the World.

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