Carbon fiber tube connector

We proudly present patented carbon fiber connectors, a leap forward in lightweight construction. These connectors, designed with precision and protected by patents, offer a novel approach to assembling carbon fiber tubes. Drawing parallels to the universally recognized “Lego” concept, these connectors provide a standardized foundation for crafting diverse frames with unparalleled strength. Join us as we delve into the exceptional capabilities of these connectors and their potential to reshape industries requiring both resilience and agility.


Exploring Tube Connection Possibilities with Our Connectors




One of our pioneering solutions is the T-shape connector, meticulously designed to achieve seamless 90-degree tube connections. This connector’s ingeniously crafted design ensures a secure fit, allowing two carbon fiber tubes to intersect with unmatched accuracy and strength. Whether you’re constructing frames for robotics, sports equipment, or industrial applications, the T-shape connector offers a reliable and efficient solution for creating T-shaped configurations. 

A game-changer for constructing box-shaped structures. This connector is engineered to flawlessly join three carbon fiber tubes at precise 90-degree angles, enabling you to create corners with accuracy. Whether you’re building enclosures, supports, or frameworks, the 3-way elbow connector simplifies the process and ensures robust connections. Embrace the efficiency of our connector as it empowers you to bring your design visions to life, one corner at a time, with the reliability and strength your projects demand.

Unveiling the versatility of our 4-way cross connector, a pinnacle of precision for creating flat cross-shaped connections. This ingenious connector allows you to seamlessly join four carbon fiber tubes at exact 90-degree angles, enabling you to construct structures with symmetrical cross configurations. Ideal for applications where stability and uniformity are paramount, such as framework or support systems, the 4-way cross connector ensures that each tube intersects flawlessly. Experience the seamless harmony of design and strength as you embrace a new era of crafting symmetrical tube-based structures with utmost confidence.

Effortlessly joining two carbon fiber tubes at a perfect 90-degree angle, this connector offers unmatched versatility across applications. From frameworks to supports, experience the synergy of simplicity and durability that has made the 90-degree elbow a staple in tube-based structures. Welcome to a world where tradition meets innovation, and where reliable connections are forged with confidence.

Discover the dynamism of our swivel tube joints, offering unparalleled flexibility for connecting tubes at a range of angles. These innovative joints not only provide the freedom to achieve diverse configurations but also feature a bolted design, enabling hassle-free disassembly and reassembly. Perfect for crafting truss-type frames or adding extra reinforcements where required, our swivel tube joints empower you to design structures that adapt to your needs. Embrace the fusion of adaptability and security as you explore new dimensions in framework design, unlocking a world of creative possibilities with each carefully connected tube.

In the realm of structural innovation, the potential to create is boundless, and with our revolutionary connectors, that potential has become more accessible than ever. Our connectors unlock a world of possibilities, enabling the creation of frames in nearly any shape you envision. From sleek truss designs to sturdy corner reinforcements, these connectors redefine the art of construction.

But what truly sets our connectors apart is their simplicity and affordability. No longer must you invest in expensive equipment or possess a master craftsman’s skill to delve into the world of carbon fiber. With our standard connector elements, carbon fiber tubes, and adhesive, you have the ingredients for crafting robust, lightweight frames. It’s a gateway into the carbon fiber realm that invites creators of all levels to explore and innovate.

Embrace a future where your ideas take form effortlessly, where strength and ingenuity converge, and where the potential for carbon fiber-based creations knows no bounds. With our connectors, the power to build is in your hands, and the journey into the world of advanced structures has never been easier or more attainable. Step into this realm, and let your imagination flourish as you construct the extraordinary with our innovative connectors.