Weight: 25g

Dimensions: 60x60x24mm

For 20mm diameter tube

Holes: Diameter 6.5mm

Material. Carbon fiber CFRP, Tg 140°C


Carbon Fiber 3 Way  Elbow

The ultimate solution for building light and sturdy tube frames in weight-critical applications. Crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, this elbow connector takes your projects to new heights of efficiency and strength.

Designed for seamless integration, the Carbon Fiber 3 way Elbow allows you to effortlessly connect two carbon fiber tubes at a perfect right angle. Its precision engineering ensures a secure and reliable bond, providing the stability and structural integrity required for demanding loads and harsh environments.

The exceptional strength-to-weight ratio of carbon fiber gives this elbow connector a significant advantage over traditional alternatives. By reducing overall weight without compromising on durability, it becomes the go-to choice for racing boat engineering, UAV,robotics, sports equipment, and various other applications where weight reduction is paramount.

With its corrosion-resistant properties, our Carbon Fiber 3 way Elbow offers long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance. Its sleek and modern appearance adds a touch of sophistication to your projects, blending functionality with aesthetics.

Whether you’re a professional engineer, a creative DIY enthusiast, or a visionary in the field of weight-critical applications, our Carbon Fiber 3 way Elbow empowers you to build with confidence and precision. Unlock the full potential of your designs and construct exceptional tube frames and structures with ease.

Experience the future of lightweight engineering with the power of carbon fiber. Embrace innovation and efficiency with our Carbon Fiber 3 way Elbow – your reliable partner in crafting exceptional tube frames and constructions.

You can consult us about Connector: We can guide you with planning, how to install these fittings and offer custom solutions for your needs.

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