Carbon Fiber Exhaust Pipe Heat Shield for Motorcycle

This high strength Carbon Fiber heat shield is manufactured using 100% carbon fibre reinforcement and epoxy resin matrix, cured under pressure at elevated temperature to produce a carbon fibre sheet with engineering-grade mechanical properties and a glossy class-A surface finish on both sides.

The heat shield has a classic 2/2 twill, 3k woven carbon fibre appearance with a pin-hole free high gloss finish. 

The matrix used is a high performance epoxy resin which offers excellent mechanicals and clarity. The high temperature cure maximizes the mechanical strength properties and results in a Tg (glass transition) of 100°C.


  • Thickness:         1 mm
  • Weight               15g
  • Weave:               2×2 Twill
  • Tg                       100C
  • fiber content      up to  70%
  • matrix                high quality epoxy
  • Fabric:               Pure Carbon Fibre , Both side glossy finish
  • Length               6.5″/16.5cm
  • Width                 2.5″/6.4cm
  • Clamps             1.6-2.4″/46-70mm

The original Heat Shields weigh 300g+ which makes it 20 times heavier. Our product is extremely lightweight, only 15g in, but strong enough for hardcore riders.


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